All I Really Gotta Do Is Live And Die

At FNM for the usual born of the gods/theros draft and there is a gentleman here of portly size who is wearing a koolaid man tshirt.

I salute you and your send of humor sir.

Disappointing malls and sadness burritos

In line for kamuis armor panel. Gonna be a full room from the look of it

Downloaded the guidebook and Katsu schedule app onto my phone and had a peek through.

This is probably the first Katsu in years that I’m actually planning for attending panels rather than deciding on something last minute.

Kamui cosplay is having two panels, one for props on saturday and another for armor on sunday that I NEED to attend.


Today is another ESO beta. This one actually lasts alot longer than the previous ones, from noon today until monday.

Goodbye friends I am gone.

Since Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns is coming out in a week and I was in need of more games for my PS3 collection, I decided to pick up FFXIII and FXIII-2 monday as well as the limited edition controller.

I had originally owned XIII when it first came out and grew annoyed with it for how linear the gameplay was combined with the fact that it was very unforgiving when it came to levelling. If you avoided too many fights along the way, there was literally no way to go back to a previous spot to grind if you were underlevelled, and that really ruined the experience for me.

However, starting a new game to play it again, I have to say, love or hate the linear portion of it, you have to respect how visually and audibly beautiful this game is. And when you consider that this game came out in 2009, fairly early in the PS3’s lifetime, that is damn impressive. There are companys now that are just getting on that graphics level and we are in the era of PS4.

tl;dr: they may have deviated from their original gameplay styles, but Square Enix can still make games with the best of them.

Fuck this game

I decided to do my placements for S4 for shits and giggles, despite not really playing much anymore over other games.

Went 7-3, so was pretty happy about that, thought that I might get high silver or even gold 5 since I was silver last season.

NOPE, APPARENTLY 7-3 IS ONLY WORTH BRONZE 1. I just got fucking demoted for going 7-3 in placements.

Yesssss, got my first 4 perfect stat Scyther finally. Will have that perfect Scizor in no time.




I hate to be “That guy” again, but it seems yet another piece of shit is conning people out of their money.

If tumblr user reblogs your post, likes your post, or follows you, DONT FUCKING CHECK OUT…

This is absolute truth, we had a half chapter on this bitch in computer repair class. It looks official and states it’s from the FBI, and it is hard as fuck to get off your hard drive without reformatting the whole thing.

The last episode of King of the Hill just replayed on Adult Swim and it reminded me of the biggest twist in the entire show: Boomhauers career.

It got me wondering. Earlier in the show he had stated that he was on disability/workers comp, and it explained why we never saw him do any sort of job despite almost every other adult having a clear job explained for them. Then in the final episode in the last minute, we see that he is a Texas Ranger. So what could have happened that Boomhauer was out on workers comp? Was he shot at some point? Whats the story there?


I swear every week it just gets more hilarious watching him fuck up even more.